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See Gorgeous Pics of the #SuperBlueBloodMoon Eclipse

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See Gorgeous Pics of the #SuperBlueBloodMoon Eclipse

People who peer up at the night sky this Wednesday (Jan. 31) may see something like this illustration, which shows a blood moon during a total lunar eclipse.

Credit: NASA

The Super Blue Blood Moon eclipse occurred in the wee hours today (Jan. 31), and it did not disappoint. For those with clear skies, and in the right location, the moon slowly inched into the central portion of Earth’s shadow, called the umbra, revealing a red-hued ball hanging above the horizon.

East Coasters were treated to a partial eclipse, as the full eclipse (when the moon ducked completely into Earth’s shadow) occurred when our satellite was below the horizon. Here’s a look at some of the best shots being shared online.


















Original article on Live Science.

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