Nest co-founder Matt Rogers announces exit from Google

A day after Alphabet announced plans to roll Nest into its hardware team, cofounder Matt Rogers has announced that he’s exiting the company. The story was first noted by CNET and quickly confirmed by Rogers on Twitter.

Could just be social media talk, but Rogers’ brief statement on the matter appeared to imply that there were no hard feelings. “Nest has been an amazing journey and the honor of my career to build,” he wrote. “I could not be more proud of what we have all accomplished and can’t wait to see what’s next for Nest.”

Rogers says he’s leaving the company he started work on nearly nine years ago in order to spend more time at, a VC firm and product development lab he also had a hand in cofounding.

“Our mission is to help transform a big idea into a big deal,” the Incite’s mission statement reads. “For some, the needed spark is funding. For others, it’s fundraising, networking or advice. Most often, it’s the right combo of all three.”

The executive also stated that he’s going to “start thinking about the next adventure,” perhaps pointing to another startup in his future. Rogers cofounded Nest in 2010, along with fellow former Apple engineer Tony Fadell, who vacated his CEO role in June 2016 — two years after the company was acquired by Google for around $3.2 billion. 

Marwan Fawaz, an industry veteran stepped into the position of company head — a role he will continue to hold in some fashion, even as Nest loses some independence as part of the larger Google machine.

Nest is a noted pioneer in the world of the smart home devices, with its eponymous thermostat and smoke detector and Nest Cam smart security camera lines. The space has become an increasingly important one for Google as the company has expanded its reach with its Home line of hardware products.

Until yesterday, Google maintained Nest as an independent entity of sorts with “separate management team, brand and culture,” according to the company’s site. While Google has worked to curb concern over job loss and executive roles, the timing on this one most likely isn’t a coincidence.

We’ve reached out to Rogers and Google for further comment.

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