Rainbow Six Siege ‘Outbreak Packs:’ Pricing, rarity, skins and more

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is set to kick off its third year of post-launch content this March, with an upcoming expansion titled “Operation Chimera.” Diverging from the game’s competitive nature, Chimera delivers a fantasy cooperative event, “Mission Outbreak,” themed around a zombie epidemic.

While the focus lies on Mission Outbreak, the mode is also accompanied by “Outbreak Packs.” Opening a new way to secure rewards, these packs house an exclusive collection of themed cosmetics. Here’s everything we know about Outbreak Packs so far.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Chimera: Everything we know

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What are Outbreak Packs?

Ubisoft implemented Rainbow Six Siege’s “Alpha Packs” last year, which were randomized loot drops for cosmetic content. Building on the existing roster of weapon skins, collectible charms, and armor variants, the system provided a regular way to earn through gameplay.

Operation Chimera will introduce a successor to Alpha Packs, “Outbreak Packs,” which take advantage of similar randomized drops. Tying directly into Mission Outbreak, these will provide access to exclusive gear based on its biohazard theme.

The biggest change with Outbreak Packs is their tie to real-world money, requiring the game’s premium currency, R6 Credits. This means there will be no way to obtain Outbreak Packs for free, aside from four complementary packs distributed to mark their release. Luckily, no duplicates can be received from Outbreak Packs, so you won’t be wasting money on previously-unlocked gear.

What items are included in Outbreak Packs?

There are 50 unique cosmetic items in the Outbreak Pack content pool, with no crossover with Alpha Pack offerings. Each pack contains one Outbreak event item, and with no duplicates, buying 50 guarantees the complete Outbreak collection.

Inside these packs are weapon skins, headgear, uniforms, and charms, including Hazmat suits and a “Sidewinder” Elite skin for Ash. All content included in the Outbreak pool varies in rarity, falling between rare and legendary. Otherwise, the ambiguous nature of these packs leaves a majority of content a mystery until the official launch.

Content from the Outbreak Pack collection will also be limited to a set number of Operators. For attackers, content covers the French Operation Chimera Operator, alongside Ying, Buck, Hibana, Zofia, Fuze, Ash, Thermite, and Glaz. For defenders, the new Russian Operation Chimera Operator, Smoke, Kapkan, Doc, and Tachanka will have Outbreak content up for grabs.

How do you get Outbreak Packs?

The Outbreak event is set to run from March 6, 2018, until April 3, 2018. Ubisoft plans to distribute four Outbreak Packs to all users logging in over this period, meaning you won’t have to buy all 50 Outbreak Packs. New players who purchase the game’s upcoming “Advanced Edition” will be rewarded 10 further Outbreak Packs.

During this four-week period, Outbreak Packs will also be available for purchase. Outbreak Packs will cost 300 R6 Credits each, which depending on the number of credits purchased, roughly varies between $2 and $3. Factoring in the four free packs for most players, you’ll pay a minimum of 13,800 R6 credits (around $90) for the complete collection.

After the event concludes, both the Outbreak game mode and Outbreak Packs will be inaccessible. Unlocked Outbreak items will remain usable and could end up as a rarity on the battlefield.

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