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2 Paleolithic Boys Were Buried with Fox Teeth and Spears

About 34,000 years ago, a hunter-gatherer group buried two young boys who had physical conditions in elaborate graves, a new study finds.

One boy had short and bowed thighbones, and the other was likely bedridden and had trouble eating, as his teeth showed no wear and tear. However, they still received riches galore – including more than 10,000 mammoth ivory beads, more than 20 armbands, about 300 pierced fox teeth and 16 ivory mammoth spears.

These boys had specular treasures compared with the other people buried at the site in Sunghir, Russia. This suggests that the Paleolithic group had complex social behaviors, and treated people differently, likely both in death and in life. [Read more about the Paleolithic Burial]

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