Amazon Music shows up in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 (but it isn’t available yet)

It appears Amazon Music may be coming to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10, as the app is now listed in the Store albeit unavailable to download at this time. Amazon Music would be the latest of the “big name” apps to hit the Microsoft Store, joining the likes of Spotify, and soon iTunes. Looks like Windows 10 users are going to have no shortage of streaming apps available in the Store.

The app is a Win32 desktop program, meaning Amazon is using the Centennial bridge to bring its Windows desktop app to the Microsoft Store. We can confirm that the app features multiple tile sizes, which is nice. There’s no word as to when the app will be made available for download, but the fact that the app is now listed in the Store should be a good sign.

It’s worth noting that WhatsApp had its desktop app listed in the Store for over a year before it became available. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen here, and that Amazon move quickly to get the app out into the hands of Windows 10 users.

Are you interested in the Amazon Music app coming to the Microsoft Store on Windows 10? Let us know in the comments. We’ll keep you updated as to when this update becomes available for download.

Download Amazon Music from the Microsoft Store

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