Chime in: Do you want Live tiles in Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ OS?

Microsoft’s next rumored “mobile” device features a new form factor. It’s not a smartphone, and it’s not a tablet. Rumors suggest it’ll be a combination of both, which means it’s not something we’ve seen before.

As such, should Microsoft continue to push its Live tile user-interface? Or should the company attempt something else? We believe Andromeda will feature Live tiles in some capacity, but perhaps it’s time to see that interface evolve a bit.

I personally would love to see interactive Live tiles, something Microsoft showcased back in 2014. Being able to interact with elements within a Live tile might prove very useful on a device designed with a pen-input focus.

But we want to know what you think. Let us know in our forums!

From the forums: Live tiles and Andromeda

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