The Last Son Podcast Ep. 3 – Why Xbox Will Prove The Naysayers Wrong

PhoenixUp11h ago(Edited 11h ago)

It’s been five years since E3 2013 when Xbox One started getting all the naysayers. You can’t do basic math?

I’m not even talking about Microsoft’s attitude towards single player games, I’m talking about the general public’s attitude towards Xbox One in general.

Microsoft has had five years to to deliver a frequent supply of quality first party titles. Not only that they reported they spent $1 billion towards exclusives in 2013. To top it all off before that they cut off first party support for Xbox 360 in its golden years to focus on the next console. Despite all that they’re still coming up short in providing frequent system selling exclusives like their competitors.

It seems really incredidulous to say the naysayers don’t have any credible reasons to be skeptical. Windows didn’t prevent Microsoft from producing quality first party content last generation, so that’s a really flimsy excuse to bring up now.

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