Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference may be underwhelming, but it promises a great future

Septic4h ago

“Gears looked bad story wise from the old gears I used to love… Why you are playing as that woman is beyond me”

Eh? Looked great to me- finally narrative shift from bro-dude to more a serious offering. I don’t see what the issue is playing as that woman. Playing as Fenix’s son was a bore- he was such a bland character.

“Halo was an in engine teaser essentially that wasn’t particularly impressive”

Lol what? It looked insane. That engine looks mad.

Ori and Forza, like you say, look incredible.

We’ve also got a nod to the classics like Battletoad.

“What exactly made this so amazing?”

What made is amazing is that all the haters and doubters of Xbox wrote them off, proclaimed the demise of the brand and then in comes Spencer showcasing that the opposite is the case. That Xbox are serious about competing in this arena, righting all their wrongs.

Yes Sony have a FAR more robust first party outfit but MS is clearly putting up a fight, even if a lot of these moves will yield results in the future. 5 studios in one year is no mean feat. For YEARS Xbox has been accused (rightly) of neglecting fostering studios and its own talent. Now its starting to do that.

Plus the fact that the next Xbox looks set to be something really special based on what Spencer is hinting. They are aiming for best in class hardware. Now they are sprucing up their software.

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