In All Fairness, I Can’t Review Vampyr

Christopher13h ago

***You keep disparaging A.J. which isn’t fair.***

It absolutely is as it’s his work. I understand you two work together, but this is poorly written.

As to the two items you just brought up, guess where that info isn’t located? In the review. The parts I quoted, those were A.J.’s full explanation of those issue. That was it.

1. “Upon progressing further, I started realising just how much dialogue there was.”

Tell me, does that tell you that this person knew about the amount of dialog or that during gameplay they were learning about it as they progressed? Let alone did they know the point of the dialogue and hints that aided in increasing their blood quality? How about the fact that you don’t have to talk to any of those people at all in dialogue trees except for those involved in quests? You don’t have to help those people or find their hints at all. It’s optional, not required. You can even fail at hints. If the dialogue doesn’t intrigue you, then don’t do it.

2. “Jonathan (the main character) is a vampire yet he lacks any acrobatic evasive moves”

Tell me, does that at all tell me that there is an acrobatic evasive maneuver, but that A.J. just didn’t think it was enough? Or does that tell a reader that there isn’t an acrobatic evasive move at all, even though it’s a short distance teleport?

Am I to applaud that his explanation is better when you talked to him and not in his writing of this opinion piece now?

A.J. could be a fantastic reviewer, but this is not a sign of that at all. It’s a sign of a poorly explained opinion of the game by someone who didn’t know the mechanics of it before starting it even though they’ve been explained well before release over the last year.

I wish the best, but my opinion on this writing that A.J. did? It’s not a good one and I hope future writings explain things much better.

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