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Quitobaquito — Photos of a Desert Oasis

The prehistoric trade route — known as the Old Salt Trail — passes by the Quitobaquito Springs. Native American people used this route for centuries as they passed by the oasis in search of obsidian, seashells and salt from the large salt beds found in Sonora, Mexico. Both the Hia C-ed O’odham and the Tohono O’odham people of today claim the oasis as a part of their historic homeland. The before mentioned Andrew Dorsey even opened a store near the springs and created a system of trading coins, like the one shown here, for the local people to use.

In 1957, Jim Orosco, a member of the Hia C-ed O’odham tribe, sold all of his remaining private land at Quitobaquito to the National Park Service for $13,000, ending his family’s ownership of that land, which had begun in 1887.

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