What Sony Can Learn From Xbox Game Pass

gangsta_red35m ago

Again you make no sense. I rented GoW and Horizon from Gamefly and those games did not devalue any less from if I would have bought them.

There are plenty of other single player games on Game Pass and their gameplay hasn’t devalued. And one of the biggest draws to Game Pass is creating a large community for State 2 and SoT or any other MP game that might come to it. How that is a devalue or a bad thing for gamers as you’re implying is nonsense.

“Horizon or UC as offered through a $10 a month group game service isn’t going to make production costs back anytime soon much less see a profit.”

How do you know this? Especially when those same games are offered day one (or next) on rental services like Gamefly and Redbox? Not to mention they’re still sold in retail and digital the same as State 2 and SoT? By the way wasn’t State 2 the number one game sold in NPD in May, they only track physical sales not digital or Game Pass. So where is this devalue?

“Secondly, the “options” you’re so currently hot on favors publishers, not consumers. Prices can be increased, MTs or just differing tiers of service could be introduced, as is happening with EA’s.”

MT’s are offered regardless on how you played the game, rented or purchased. And once again there is the option to actually buy the game and not rent it from any service. The services do favor the consumer because instead of paying $60 for a game they can actually try it for $10 (or whatever) and if they don’t like it, they can try something else from a a wide variety that service offers.

“Also, where are the articles and/or reports showing that subscription game services are leading to increased console sales?”

That’s a good question, I was going to ask you where are the articles saying that subscriptions are devaluing consoles sales? Because as of now there are many and all types of subscription services and other ways to rent games but they don’t seem to be impacting actual sales of games.

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