BlackBerry releases official guided tour video

Today, BlackBerry released a walkthrough video that covers all the selling points of the BlackBerry KEY2. The timing is great, as the phone just went on pre-sale in the United States with general availability coming July 13.

The video walks the viewer through many of the KEY2’s features, particularly the keyboard shortcuts, Locker, BlackBerry Hub, and transferring content over from your current device. There are even a couple of shots of the KEY2 that highlight the fact that the phone actually has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The BlackBerry KEY2 is the second iteration of the “KEY” line and offers the classic BlackBerry form factor. A 4.5-inch LCD display sits above a full QWERTY keyboard, which can be used to program up to 52 shortcuts, and that isn’t including the convenience key, which can be programmed to behave differently depending on the context.

We are currently undergoing the review process of the BlackBerry KEY2. In the meantime, check out our hands-on of the KEY2. Let us know in the comments if you prefer the black or silver one.


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