Nokia and T-Mobile  announce a $3.5 billion deal to build the carrier’s 5G network

Nokia published less than stellar results in Q2 – the network business was slow, but it’s supposed to pick up as carriers start building their 5G networks later this year. And it’s already happening, the Finnish company just announced a multi-year partnership with T-Mobile.

The $3.5 million deal will see Nokia furnish T-Mobile US with hardware, software and services to develop and deploy a nation-wide 5G network. Sprint customers can also look forward to the 5G future thanks to the merger with T-Mobile.

The network includes both wide-coverage 600MHz bands and the high-capacity 28GHz millimeter wave bands.

Nokia and T-Mobile  announce a $3.5 billion deal to build the carrier's 5G network

And just in case it didn’t register, Nokia issued a second press release to confirm that it forsees better financials in the second half of the year. It expects an operating margin of 9-11% for the full year with earnings per share of €0.23-0.27.


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