JBL Link View Smart Display price, release date, and availability

  • The JBL Link View is available for pre-order directly from JBL’s website for $249.
  • The Google Assistant-powered Smart Display won’t ship until September 3.
  • Unless LG releases the ThinQ View soon, the JBL Link View will be the second Smart Display to hit the market.

At Google’s I/O 2018 developer conference, Google announced that Smart Displays would start to ship sometime in July. Lenovo was the only company to meet this deadline as it began to sell its two Smart Displays just last week. Now, JBL has the Link View Smart Display available for pre-order, but customers won’t receive it until September 3.

The Link View features an 8-inch 720p display made for looking at visual responses from the Google Assistant, videos, and more. While the screen resolution isn’t impressive as most people carry around smartphones with 1440p displays, it does get the job done. 

The primary feature that makes the Link View stand out from the competition is the inclusion of two 51mm 10W front-facing speakers. As JBL has a reputation for quality audio, this Smart Display should sound better than most Google Assistant devices.

Speaking of audio quality, users will be able to play music on the Link View via Bluetooth, Chromecast, or by requesting specific songs or podcasts from popular streaming services.

As the $249 Smart Display is potentially going to sit in customer’s kitchens, the Link View is IPX4 splash-proof. This way if water, grease, or any other liquid accidentally gets onto the device, nothing should be affected. Additionally, JBL includes a slider that will turn off and cover the Smart Display’s 5MP camera and mute the mic.

At this time, the only other Smart Display that we’re still waiting to learn more about is the LG ThinQ View. There has been no word yet on if Google plans to release a Smart Display of its own any time soon.

Click below to order yours direct from JBL!

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