Deals: get 10% off any smartphone or smartwatch bought on eBay

The prices of the new iPhones are pretty steep, especially in Europe. The older models got cheaper, but not by much. But wait – eBay is offering a 10% discount on all smartphones and all smartwatches. The deal expires today at midnight.

There are conditions to using the PHONE10 code, of course. You need to be a registered user on or, but you can live in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands or Poland. The code can be used only once and the maximum discount is €50 (so for devices over €500 you won’t get the full 10% off). Check out all the terms & conditions.

So, what can you get? Well, this promo applies to any smartphone or smartwatch regardless of the brand. But as you may have heard, Apple discontinued the iPhone X so there’s no new lower price for it. The 64GB version (new condition) is €900 on eBay, that’s the pre-discount price. Post-discount you’re looking at €850 (remember, it’s €50 off tops).

Apple iPhone X
Apple iPhone SE
Apple iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone X • Apple iPhone SE • Apple iPhone 6s

The iPhone SE was cut as well, so here’s a new unit at €287 post discount. The iPhone 6s is a goner as well, it can be had for €230 with the discount.

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