NPD Analyst Skeptical Over Streaming Tech’s Impact on Games Industry

Apocalypse Shadow4h ago(Edited 4h ago)

You’re thinking beyond the now like most gamers seem to be doing. Bravo. They see something and don’t look at the bigger picture. At what’s coming.

Now that things like net neutrality are being removed, if it stays that way and companies have their way if the courts lose, prices will increase for many consumers. It will increase regardless because of inflation. But fast and slow lanes will occur. Pricing for all that heavy data of 4K videos,HD music streaming, data downloads and gaming will make greedy companies take notice to cash in on it on another level. Even if NN stays, prices are still going up.

It’s said that the level to do streaming of games is only 10mb to 25mb. But if thousands if not millions of people are going to be doing it per second on Google’s service, Amazon’s service, Microsoft’s service, Sony’s service…and you know the match has been struck by Ubisoft, EA, etc. The future is going to definitely be very expensive and fractured with all these subscriptions just to be able to enjoy what we currently enjoy as a unified network. We already see media companies creating their own subs like CBS, DC to just enjoy super hero shows and stuff like star trek. Options yes. But you used to be able to enjoy those things on regular networks or in syndication. Now we have to pay more because its all being spread out with more fees.

5G might help alleviate some of it. But its widespread use will take years to implement. And some countries won’t even have those speeds. It’s why I think local media discs are still necessary for the time being. And faster processing. Even storage is not enough. Having to buy multiple HDDs to contain it all. I miss popping in a disc and just playing. Now it all has to be stored on the HDD. Takes up too much space. Could use that for game saves.

Anyway, streaming won’t go away. It is the future for many things like AR,VR, business transactions,etc. But as the analysts say streaming will not have an impact any time soon.

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