Senhheiser Ambeo AR One blurs the line between virtual and real sound

Sennheiser Ambeo AR One earphones product image detailing remote on white background.

The Sennheiser Ambeo AR One is the first of its kind to be certified by Magic Leap and will be available in November for $250.


  • The Sennheiser Ambeo AR One is the first listening device certified by Magic Leap.
  • Developers may create spatial soundscapes via the Ambeo Augmented Audio Lab app.
  • It will be available in November for $250.

Make the rules with the Sennheiser Ambeo AR One headset, the first of its kind to be Magic Leap-certified. This headset is fully compatible with the Magic Leap One AR glasses and like the original Ambeo Headset, it features a “transparent hearing” toggle, allowing users to mix real world and virtual sound.

Of course, what’s an audio product with an accompanying app: the Sennheiser Ambeo AR One includes a companion app, the Ambeo Augmented Audio Lab, allowing developers to “create spatial audio worlds with Magic Leap One according to their own sound rules,” says co-Director Ambeo at Sennheiser Véronique Larcher.

The transparent hearing mode is the key feature of the AR One headset. With it, developers can select how much and to what degree external sounds blend with the virtual audio, leading to greater immersion for Magic Leap One users.

Angled earbud nozzles provide a comfortable fit, and the provided Comply ear tips create a cogent seal to isolate listeners from extraneous external noise. Additionally, the ear hook design and lightweight nature of the headset makes the earbuds easy to wear for longer sessions.

The Sennheiser Ambeo AR One will be available this November through Magic Leap and will retail for $250.

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