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Kanye West delivers bizarre ‘keynote’ at Washington Apple store


Following his meeting with President Donald Trump, rapper Kanye West visited an Apple Store in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, where he proceeded to climb atop a display table and deliver a “keynote” to gathered customers.

Kanye at Apple

Source: Jack Jenkins via Twitter

The surreal scene was chronicled by Religion News Service reporter Jack Jenkins, who happened to be at Apple Georgetown when Kanye decided to drop in.

Shared on Twitter, Jenkins’ account starts off as a celebrity sighting, but quickly takes a turn for the bizarre when West asks to give an impromptu “keynote” to customers in the store.

According to Jenkins, West said he made a hat for Trump that reads “make America great,” a take on the president’s “Make America Great Again” or “MAGA” slogan. Trump donned the cap during his meeting with West earlier today, the rapper said, showing proof of the encounter on his iPhone.

West clarified that the inclusion of “again” in Trump’s catchphrase “hurts b[l]ack people,” according to Jenkins.

Apple store staff refused to comment on why West was at the location, though photos shared to Twitter suggest he was at the location for a Genius Bar appointment.

West exited the premises as dramatically as he entered, announcing he is “going to Africa.”

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