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iPhone XR goes up for sale in Australia and New Zealand stores as first pre-order shipments arrive


Like clockwork, new iPhone XR owners began posting obligatory photos of their shiny new handsets to the usual social media outlets Friday. The device is now on sale in Australia and New Zealand, where customers are also receiving pre-order shipments.

iPhone XR launch at Apple Sydney. | Source: Instagram user Shinya2910

While queues at Apple Sydney were not quite what they were for iPhone XS last month, a few people showed up early to be one of the first in the world to get an iPhone XR on Friday local time.

Junior Nannetti via Instagram

New owners — and window shoppers — are posting photos of the colorful handsets to Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and other social media platforms and online forums.

In the U.S., at least one person appears to have received their pre-order a few hours early. Cynthia Ruiz posted a photo of her white iPhone XR, taken in Seattle, Wash., to Instagram on Thursday.

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