Nokia 8110 4G launches in India

The retro Nokia 8110 4G has launched in India, fashionably late. The phone sells for INR 6,000 on, that’s $82/€72 (the same as in Europe). It’s available in Black and Yellow (this is the banana phone, after all).

The 8110 4G is part of the new breed of feature phones that runs Kai OS, which is quickly growing in India. About a month ago the platform got WhatsApp, also Google is bringing its apps, including Maps and Assistant (yes, the new 8110 has a GPS receiver, but it can’t do voice guided navigation).

Nokia 8110 4G in Black
Nokia 8110 4G in Yellow

Nokia 8110 4G in Black and Yellow

Note that the phone is also available on, however, it’s from a third-party seller that charges over INR 6,000. You’re probably better off going through the official site.

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