Creepy Halloween movies, music, and books we’re into this week

We have Halloween on the brain this week. As such, we put together another roundup of scary movies, music and books we’re into right now, to follow up on last week’s Halloween-themed Team Windows Central media recommendations. If it’s scary entertainment you seek, you’ve come to the right site.

And if horrors movies and generally spooky stuff isn’t your thing, you can hit our full list of weekly recommendations below for some more suggestions.

Happy Halloween week!

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Halloween (1978)

Recommended by Dan Thorp-Lancaster, news writer

I caught the latest Halloween sequel this weekend (it’s terrific, by the way), so I found myself with a hankering to revisit the original 1978 opus from director John Carpenter.

Halloween is a legendary slasher flick at this point and it introduced a lot of elements that would be generously coopted by the horror genre as a whole in the years following its release. While the original film can feel a bit quaint by today’s standards, Michael Myers still manages to instill a sense of dread and terror.

The opening of the film, portrayed through the eyes of Myers as he commits his first murder as a child, still remains one of the most iconic scenes in cinema – up there, in my opinion, with the shower scene in Psycho. And the silent evil that Myers emits when he escapes from captivity years later to embark on a killing spree in his hometown, is chilling.

If you’re planning to go see the latest sequel, do yourself a favor and revisit the original. If anything, it’ll help you pick out the slew of references throughout the latest film’s nearly two-hour runtime and forget some of the lackluster sequels that hit theaters in the 40 years since 1978.

Recommended by Cale Hunt, staff writer

Rosemary’s Baby is a pretty famous movie, but I didn’t watch it until a couple of years ago. I remember it blew me away with how well it sustained the suspense we all crave from horror movies, and I’m looking forward to rewatching it now that most of the subplots and twists have been forgotten.

For being released in 1968, it holds up quite well. Mia Farrow’s performance is outstanding, and I still want to live in an on old New York apartment like that someday despite the building being full of Satan worshippers.

Recommended by Jez Corden, gaming editor

Hellraiser is a riot of blood and guts, created by Clive Barker. Hellraiser, as its title suggests, revolves around an unfortunate chappy who invokes the forces of hell via a strange puzzle box, attempting to strike some sort of bargain. Hellraiser is a little bit silly, but the meaty practical effects and awesome costume design make it a fun flick for spooky viewings.

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Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Chrismas

Recommended by Richard Device, reviews editor

Is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween film or a Christmas film? I’d argue it’s both and since it’s Halloween any excuse to crack it on and have a watch. One of the finest things Tim Burton has ever created, the tale of Jack, Sally and what happens when Halloween wants to be Christmas is fun for the whole family. And for a bonus, the ‘Halloween Revisited’ album of soundtrack covers from the likes of Marilyn Manson and Rise Against always goes down well.


Alice — Tom Waits

Recommended by Al Sacco, managing editor

You could say all of Tom Waits’s music is somewhat spooky, though some of it certainly fits that description better than others. In particular, Alice leaves you feeling uneasy and maybe on edge, even though every song on the album is also beautiful. It’s an album I go to when I’m in a certain kind of mood, and it works quite well as Halloween music, because every song is haunting and memorable.

My favorite tracks are ‘We’re All Mad Here,’ ‘Reeperbahn,’ and ‘Everything You Can Think,” all of which are pleasantly creepy. It’s not my favorite Waits album but it’s probably the one that best fits as ‘Halloween appropriate.’


Baby Teeth — Zoje Stage

Recommended by Al Sacco, managing editor

Baby Teeth is a downright creepy novel about a seven-year-old girl who may or may not be possessed, or who may have some serious form of schizophrenia, but who definitely wants to murder her own mother in horrible yet creative ways. Oh, and she loves her father just as much as she detests her mother, and she hides it from daddy, so he’s not sure if it’s his daughter or his wife who has serious mental illness issues.

It’s mostly a psychological thriller, so there’s not a whole lot of action. But Stage packs the book with so much suspense you can practically feel it dripping off the pages (or your ereader). It’s a perfect read for Halloween, with a satisfying ending I appreciate. And let’s face it, evil kids are genuinely frightening. (Even normal kids can be pretty scary at times … )

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