AT&T launching Red Hydrogen One this Friday for $1,295 with extras

Red Hydrogen One front display

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AT&T has revealed it will launch the Red Hydrogen One — described as the world’s first holographic smartphone — this Friday, complete with an exclusive offer.

The smartphone, the first from cinema camera company Red, will cost $43.17 for a 30-month contract with eligibility for AT&T’s upgrade service Next. AT&T didn’t mention an outright cost in its press release, but the total cost over the 30-month contract period is $1,295.10. The phone went up for pre-order at Red earlier this year for $1,195. 

The Red Hydrogen One’s main selling point is a proprietary display technology known as ‘4-view’ (4V), said to provide hologram-like experience. We haven’t seen this in person yet, but other folks have and the general impression is that it makes for an interesting effect, despite that nothing actually pops out of the display. Instead, the effect appears to relate more to screen depth, supposedly allowing you to see different angles of an image within the display depending on how you hold the handset.

Red’s 4V technology will also require some support from other apps and developers to reach its full potential. For example, regular movies won’t be viewable in 4V, they will have to be edited specifically for it.

With that in mind, AT&T said a handful of 4V-compatible movies will be available through the Hydrogen Network, with plans to extend the catalog to more than 100 titles in the future. AT&T also said the first 10,000 customers to pick up the phone and register for a Hydrogen Network account will receive 4V versions of “Fantastic Beast and Where to Find them” and “Ready Player One.” Their regular price wasn’t disclosed.

You’ll find AT&T’s Hydrogen One purchase page below and orders will go live there Friday. For everything we know about the Red Hydrogen One so far, hit the previous link.

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