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Live from Apple’s 2018 Mac and iPad event in Brooklyn

What are you excited to hear more about: Macs, iPad, new apps? We may get an update on Shazam, ARKit, AirPods, Air Power, Apple Pencil, & the new iOS update introducing multiuser FaceTime

I hold out hope against hope for word of a Mac Mini and a MacBook Air replacement. – Victor

It’s a little hard to see, but the Apple logos are animated.

If a video doesn’t play, hit refresh.

Home by Morgan, Feat WALK THE MOON, followed by Live in the Moment, Portugal. the Man.

These animated Apple logos are trippy, and awesome. I wish I could have them for screensavers and Live wallpapers.

Sit Next to Me (Stereotypes remix) by Foster the People… This Apple logo animation is a lot more subtle.

The animations seem synced to the music a little. Maybe it’s coincidence.

The transitions between the logos are interesting, too – they’re not simple crossfades, but something that is unique to each one. Now playing: If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be) by Leon Bridges

It’s nearly 10 here in Brooklyn, so the event live feed should start shortly. Watch from Apple’s site, Apple TV or follow Victor’s live blog here on AppleInsider

It’s starting. The BASS, it pounds

100 Miles and Running, Logic Feat. Wale and John Lindahl

I happen to like New York by Bobby Short

The intro video is all scenes of NY, music, dance, people with MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads.

Good Morning! It is so great to be in New York! We love New York! And it’s so great to be here with all of you. New York is home to one of the most vibrant creative communities on the planet.

Today, we are especially thrilled to be at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. This is a historic center for the arts. for over 150 years, it showcased the work of adventurous and cutting edge performers around the world while serving the community in Brooklyn.

That’s why we’re here today to talk about our most creative products. Of courts, that starts with the Mac!

The Mac was the first computer designed for creativity. We’re in awe of all the things people do all around the world with the Mac. So we made a video of these special people. I would love to play it for you now.

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