Battlefield V Review – One of the Most Addictive Battlefield Games Yet | GameCloud

Alex Chalmers at GameCloud writes: “Battlefield V isn’t without issues. The single-player is novel but boring, and the game currently has more than its fair share of bugs. However, none of this managed to dampen my time with the multiplayer. There’s a lot to like here if you’re a Battlefield fan, and I’ve barely touched on all the good that’s still in this game, let alone what’s yet to come. The maps are all of a high quality, especially the likes of “Twisted Steel” and “Arras,” which are both set in the French countryside and are absolutely beautiful. The company system, too, allows for the best level of player customisation yet seen in the series. Further to this, loot boxes are gone, all DLC including future single-player episodes are going to be free for everyone, and a Battle Royale mode is still on the way. This is the game Battlefield 1 should’ve been and is one of the most addictive instalments in the series yet.”

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