The Nintendo Switch Has Now Outsold The Base Playstation 4 in Japan

Kribwalker9m ago(Edited 7m ago)

I agree. i’ve used my switch quite a bit more then my PS4 this year. Since GOW my ps4 has been collecting a lot of dust, since i play my multi platform games on My Xbox OneX for the better quality, and with the massive backlog on i have on both my switch and xbox, i don’t know when i’ll be turning on my PS4 again frankly, i haven’t even started playing smash bros, let alone Donkey Kong Country, Hyrule Warriors, Kirby or Xenoblade chronicles, I’m still playing the amazing forza horizon 4 and i want to get back and try the new content in Sea Of Thieves, plus my continuing backlog that’s growing thanks to game pass, too many games, not enough time

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