Enpass 6 rolls out to all with multiple vaults, new design, and much more

Enpass is giving users one last gift for the holiday season, delivering its major version 6 update for everyone after a lengthy bit of beta testing. A load of new features are tagging along in Enpass 6, including support for multiple vaults, unlocking with Windows Hello, a new dark theme on desktop, custom categories, and much more.

The biggest highlight here is likely to be the addition of multiple vaults. Now you can create separate vaults for things like personal and work data, allowing each to be shared with your family or team through syncing to a common cloud account. Combined with new custom categories and templates, you can now keep all of your passwords and other data organized in whatever way you see fit.

For Windows users in particular, Enpass 6 adds in support for Windows Hello, which lets you opt for facial or fingerprint recognition over using your master password to log in. You’ll still have to use your master password any time you start the app for the first time, but this is a handy addition for those who have a Windows Hello-compatible PC. Also new in Windows is a dark theme, which should help keep your eye strain to a minimum.

There’s a whole lot more on top of the major highlights. Here’s a full recap of what’s new in Enpass 6:

For the full skinny, you can find the complete release notes for Enpass 6 at the Enpass blog. Keep in mind that some features for desktop users, like Windows Hello or custom categories and templates, have to be unlocked through a premium purchase. The normal price runs $12, but the premium version in on sale for $6 right now.

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