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AAA batteries are used in so many of our everyday devices that being without a steady supply can be a real nuisance. Whether it’s for your kids’ favorite toy or the TV remote, instead of running out or buying endless packs, grab some of these great rechargable batteries instead.


Well respected

Panasonic Eneloop

If yoiu want great rechargeable batteries, you want Eneloop. Not only are they well priced and pack a great capacity, Panasonic claims a 2,100-charge cycle lifespan with a 70 percent charge retention and up to 10 years of use. You will need to grab a charger, though, and you can also get these in AA size as well.

$10 at Amazon

Recycled materials


These 2,000mAh batteries come pre-charged, so you can pop them out of the packaging and straight into your device. These are also the world’s first rechargeable batteries to use a percentage of recycled batteries in their construction. Energizer claims up to five years use from each battery, with a 1,000-charge cycle lifespan, and they’re a great pairing with Energizer’s own charger.

$8 at Amazon

Reliable budget choice

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics AAA batteries have an impressive capacity at an impressive price. The lifespan isn’t as long as you’ll get from some other brands, with Amazon claiming a 65 percent charge retention after three years, but you get eight in a pack compared to four from most other brands. You can also bundle them with an Amazon Basics charger for further savings.

$12 at Amazon

High power devices

Eneloop Pro

If you need batteries for power hungry items like camera flashguns or R/C toys, the Eneloop Pro high capacity batteries are the ones to get. You only get a 500-cycle lifespan, but an increase in capacity to 950mAh while retaining 85% charge after a year.

$12 at Amazon


If your batteries aren’t bundled with a charger, then look no further than these.

Great deal

Energizer Pro

The companion charger to Energizer’s batteries, the Pro model can charge four AA or AAA batteries in 3-5 hours. It also has added features like audio and visual updates on the charging process, as well as having an automatic shutoff to prevent against overcharging.

$13 at Amazon

For travellers

Amazon Basics

This charger can charge four AA or AAA batteries at the same time. It’ll charge AA batteries in 3-5 hours depending on their capacity, but it also supports power switching for international use, going between 100-240V AC. S The other neat feature is that there’s a built-in USB port, so while your battery charger is taking up a wall outlet, you can still charge your phone or tablet.

$15 at Amazon

Whether you’re going for the top of the line Eneloop Pro batteries or the more affordable Amazon Basics, you’ll be getting a great deal and the piece of mind that you’ll never run out of batteries.

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