New PS4 Trailer Celebrates a Year of Great Games; Says “See you in 2019”

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Microsoft is very savvy in the way they have offered Game Pass. They practically give it away for a month or two, but i’m assuming you are signing up with an automatic renewal upon the end of the promotion. So yes, it’s basically free at first, but then you get charged monthly. What is it, 9.99 per month? Decent price, it’s really objective whether or not the deal is good. Sure, they offer new first party games, but there was one good exclusive this year. There was FH4 and the indie game “Ashen”. So maybe two. How many games are on Game Pass? About 200? It really is objective. You can say PSNow is no goood because it’s more expensive but that doesn’t tell the whole story. PSNow offers over 700 games with far more able to be streamed. Sure, day one exclusives aren’t offered, but PS4 has so many exclusives no sane person could honestly expect Sony to include them. Microsoft can do it because they hardly have any.

Abriael, i like your contributions to this site, but don’t give me that “praise Microsoft for the innovation that is the Netflix of gaming”. You’re better than that, man. Sony introduced this idea years ago and unfortunately, like they often are, they were too far ahead of the curve. If anything PSNow was more like Netflix because it launched as a streaming service while Game Pass did not. These company endorsed catchphrases need to go, “the Netflix of gaming” as if Microsoft started the idea. Foh.

Switch is very successful, yes. The Switch is also extremely creative, as Nintendo always is, but perhaps you oversell the innovation. It’s basically a repurposed Nvidia Shield largely supported by Wii U ports and old multiplats. It has a dock that bumps the resolution from 720 to 900/1080. It’s very cool, quite creative, but not as innovative as some make it out to be. Through in the archaic network Nintendo supports it with and it only adds to my point. I have nothing against the Switch, it certainly deserves more attention than the XB1, but it often seems like people view Nintendo through rose colored glasses. From recycled games, to high prices, bad networks, and bad policies. People seem to gloss over the bad and overplay the good.

It’s interesting seeing the year in review articles these past couple of years. You’d think Nintendo was leading the industry with Microsoft coming on strong, about to takeover.

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