Nintendo Switch Online Has No Excuse For Being Lackluster

_SilverHawk_13h ago(Edited 13h ago)

“Enough is enough. It isn’t 2005 anymore. The excuses for why classic software trickles out, or seeing features randomly stripped away as though they weren’t there in the first place need to come to an end. It was annoying before, but now that Nintendo is demanding cash for their online services, it’s become outright negligent and insulting. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, in particular, better have a Version 1.3.0 quickly coming our way, because a title of its caliber and importance doesn’t get to shrug its shoulders when fans ask why it doesn’t run as smoothly as the older version did on inferior hardware. Shape up, Nintendo, or I suggest that fans start to ship out to send a very loud, clear message— stop taking us for granted.”

Nothing will change because Nintendo will continue to barely do anything and get praised by fanboys. We all know Nintendo online is garbage and that the biggest game on switch at the moment is smash and a big feature of it being it’s online feature is crap. A lot of fanboys will lie about how their experience online is amazing and how everything about the switch is amazing.

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