Xiaomi Redmi 7 gets an unorthodox durability test

Xiaomi is officially announcing the separation of the Redmi brand on January 10 when a new phone with a 48 MP camera is expected to launch. The upcoming Redmi 7 series already arrived on Geekbench and TENAA, giving us a glimpse of what to expect regarding raw specs.

We now get a different kind of teaser though – the phone that is yet to arrive received a check-up of its durability in a very unorthodox way – a group of people literally jumped on it.

The video shows the phone’s front and back panel can’t be broken with a simple knock with the knuckles, but since virtually every smartphone withstands such pressure, the leading guy puts the Redmi 7 on the floor. While stomping on a flat device, laying on a flat surface is impressive and eye-grabbing, it does little to impact the structural build of the phone.

The glass-sandwiched phone remains operational and even without any significant scratches. And while it does little to show real-life toughness, the video is still a nice watch if only for the awkwardness comedy value.

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