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Apple begins collecting iTunes and Apple Music sales tax in Canada


Apple on Monday announced a change in billing policy that will require Canadian users to pay taxes on TV, movie, music and audiobook purchases, bringing the tech giant in line with recently adopted tax laws.

The change in billing was first reported by iPhone in Canada, which noted iTunes Store customers recently began to see fees applied to purchases.

Depending on a user’s location, Apple is tacking GST, HST, PST or QST fees onto iTunes invoices. Tax collections, which also apply to Apple Music subscriptions, commences on the first of the year.

Apple clarified the situation to Rene Ritchie, who shared a comment from the company as part of a tweet on Monday.

“As the world’s largest taxpayer, we respect the important role taxes play in society,” Apple said. “Due to recent changes in Canadian legislation and the growth of our business, sales tax will now be charged on purchases of TV, movies, music and audiobooks.”

Prior to the updated iTunes policy, customers in Canada were subject only to taxes on App Store purchases.

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