10 best college apps for Android

College can be an important time in one’s life. You’ll be learning all kinds of new things. Or at least you’re supposed to. Most sites that do lists for college apps will tell you to do obvious things like join Twitter or subscribe to Spotify because of their college discount. However, we think you already […]


10 best NFL apps and football apps for Android

American Football is vastly popular in North America. The NFL is, by extension, among the most profitable and popular professional sports organizations out there. Most enjoy the sport either via television, live events, or playing pickup with friends outside. Football season is long, and includes both professional and college level sports. Your smartphone can help […]


5 best bowling apps for Android!

Bowling is a popular and fun hobby. Some even consider it a sport. The game is easy to play for beginners. However, things like oil patterns and per-manufacturer ball hooks allow for a more hardcore fan base as well. We’ll be honest with you. There aren’t a ton of good bowling apps for your mobile […]

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