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Comcast looks to expand content lineup with $30.9B bid for European broadcasting giant Sky

  By Brad Jones Tuesday, February 27, 2018, 08:04 am PT (11:04 am ET) As Apple pushes forward with its plans to produce video content in-house, Comcast’s attempt to purchase Sky could strengthen its capacity to provide a rival streaming service. Comcast on Tuesday revealed its intention to offer 22.1 billion ($30.9 billion) for Sky, […]


Outbrain is launching a product allowing publishers to recommend content on each other’s platform

Outbrain, the network known for distributing garbage clickbait articles and ads on sites across the internet, is now going to offer a premium product that ensures that the articles recommended to folks at the bottom of their screens will be less garbage. Onstage at the Code Media conference, Outbrain chief executive Yaron Galal announced Sphere, […]


Facebook is testing a downvote function for flagging and dealing with bad content

The ongoing Facebook content debate has been a rather messy and multi-faceted one, with plenty of implications and potential social repercussions extending far beyond the website itself. Regardless of whether we approve or not, Facebook has understandably been trying to absolve and distance itself from the ongoing debates regarding post-truth, fake news and other sticky […]


Original Content podcast: ‘The Cloverfield Paradox’ is eating us alive

The Cloverfield Paradox is the kind of movie where a character will straight-facedly declare: “This dimension is eating us alive!” The first trailer for the film hit during the Super Bowl, and Netflix released the movie itself as soon as the game was over. Paradox takes the vaguely-connected Cloverfield franchise into space, where an international […]


Twitch updates its community policies to crack down on hate speech, harassment and sexual content

Twitch today is announcing an update to its Community Guidelines that aim to clarify how the company will enforce its existing anti-harassment and hateful content policies, while also ramping up the attention paid to those channels that breach its sexual content guidelines. In the case of the hateful content and anti-harassment guidelines, Twitch says that […]