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Future iPhones destined for Chinese market may draw upon local supplier for flash storage

  By Mike Wuerthele Wednesday, February 14, 2018, 06:39 am PT (09:39 am ET) If a new supply chain report is accurate, Apple is discussing a flash memory buy from Yangtze Memory Technologies for iPhones specifically destined for the Chinese market. A report by the Nikkei Asian Review on Wednesday claims that the Chinese government-backed […]


Sea of Thieves and the future: Ditching loot crates for pirate pet pals, DLC plans, and more

My epic studio visit to Rare concluded with a big Sea of Thieves interview with Executive Producer Joe Neate and PC Design Lead Tedd Timmins to discuss future plans, Xbox Game Pass, purchasable pirate pet pals, and customizable underwear. Jez Corden, senior editor at Windows Central: So what are the duties of an executive producer […]


CTRL+T podcast: The future is flying cars, rockets and diabetes-detecting Apple Watches

This week’s episode is all about the future. Thanks to technology, the highest capacity rocket platform ever, the Falcon Heavy, blasted into space. Meanwhile, down here on Earth, Uber is working to make urban air travel a thing, and companies are developing products and conducting studies that can detect diabetes, just by wearing the Apple […]