All the VR games announced at E3 2018

E3, the biggest gaming show of the year, has nearly wrapped up in Los Angeles, and it’s brought us a bunch of new VR games from various developers and publishers. Though details are still pretty thin for most titles, there seems to be a good mix of content for the PC-based systems like Windows Mixed […]


Forgotten Games // Plok (Super Nintendo)

theflamey|30m ago|Opinion piece|1| ▼ Info Add Alt Source For twobeardgaming, a first in a series of articles going back through the games of yesteryear, and discussing the games people ‘should’ have played, but had probably never even heard of, we give you Plok! Retro Read Full Story >> Source link


Games With Gold July 2018 Predictions

ThisGenGaming says: “Well, last month’s Games With Gold have been disappointing to most. With one of them even being content for Smite, a free to play game and another being yet another Assassins Creed Chronicles title. Let’s hope July brings us some better titles. With Xbox’s E3 Press Conference happening later today, I’m hoping to […]

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