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Newton launched August 2, 1993 setting the stage for what would become the iPad and iPhone

Apple’s Newton handheld computer was both the company’s biggest failure and its greatest peek into the future. AppleInsider reminisces about what it was, what it meant, and where it went wrong. Back in 1993, Apple’s press officers did the rounds of every technology magazine there was. When they reached one in London, they had the […]

Apple News

While Wall Street quacked about killing iPhone X, Apple quietly bought back $43.5B in its own stock

Following a $23.5 billion buyback in the March quarter, Apple discreetly bought up another $20 billion of its own shares off the open market in the June quarter, taking advantage of the continued, vapidly ignorant noise generated by analysts and financial news sites who bizarrely wondered aloud for months when and how Apple might “kill” […]

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