Mozilla plans UI improvements, native notifications for Thunderbird in 2019

Firefox may be the biggest project on Mozilla’s plate, but Thunderbird, its 14-year-old email client, is set to get some significant attention in 2019. Coming on the heels of Thunderbird 60’s release in August and its revamped UI elements, Mozilla is planning more interface and usability improvements this year. Thunderbird’s team is growing this year, […]


We are not sad to announce Google is shutting down Nearby Notifications

Google announced today it will shut down Android Nearby Notifications on December 6, 2018. Nearby Notifications give you information about your current location when Google thinks you’ll need it. However, the notifications were sometimes unreliable or spammy, and Google felt it was time for the service to end. Three years ago, Google started development of Android […]


The new Das Keyboard 5Q and X50Q mechanical keyboards send notifications to your fingertips

Das Keyboard, makers of excellent mechanical keyboards, have finally released two highly-anticipated devices. The Das Keyboard 5Q Cloud-connected keyboard and the Das Keyboard X50 RGB mechanical keyboard are both available to order through the main Das Keyboard site. These two are the result of a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign that raised more than $500,000. It took […]

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