The PC Gaming Show is for the Little Guys

Jacob St-Amour from Link-Cable Writes: “During the PC Gaming Show and being in attendance to cover the event, there was a clear theme going as to what they were showcasing, and that is by highlighting the best upcoming indie titles from around the globe. While it did feature AAA titles such as Square Enix’s Just […]


Best Tempered Glass PC Cases in 2018

Tempered glass is all the rage these days for PC cases. Not only does it add some premium style, it’s also much more durable and scratch resistant than acrylic panels and won’t attract nearly as much dust. The drawback is that it usually costs more, and the more glass you have the higher the asking […]


Vampyr PC Review I Indian Noob

yemeth47|48m ago|Review|0| ▼ Info Add Alt Source Indian Noob reviews Dontnod Entertainment’s latest rpg, vampyr. “Are you willing to look past the bland combat and lack of polish in favor of atmosphere, a dialogue-heavy narrative and an organic moral compass, then Vampyr is the game for you. ” PC Vampyr Read Full Story >> […]

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