How to install mods for Fallout 4 on PC

Bethesda’s Fallout 4 isn’t quite the advancement everyone was hoping for. Sure, it’s a great game, but we wanted a new engine and everything else that goes along with it. Still, much like Skyrim, Fallout 4 uses the Creation Engine and it supports 64-bit, which makes it perfect for modding. And since the tools are […]


Best 27-inch PC Monitors in 2018

The AG27 from AOC allows you to have a great gaming experience whether you use NVIDIA or AMD graphics. That’s because you can get the same monitor with either G-Sync or FreeSync support, with the difference being the price; G-Sync costs a bundle more. Otherwise, you’ve got a stunning 27-inch 1440p monitor with a 144Hz […]


PC water cooling beginner’s guide

Water cooling used to be a must-have for an enthusiast PC gaming rig — it wasn’t that long ago that powerful processors put out enough heat you could warm a house with them. The liquid-cooling systems took the burden off older and less efficient air coolers, most notably when overclocking and pushing the system to […]

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