Cities: Skylines gets Natural Disasters and Radio Stations expansions on Xbox One

Today, Paradox Interactive released the Natural Disasters expansion for Cities: Skylines on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The content has been available on PC for quite some time now. The new expansion adds new systems for disaster alerts and response, and of course the disasters themselves, which can occur randomly, or be triggered deliberately. Also […]


A Clever Radio Trick Can Tell If a Drone Is Watching You

As flying, camera-wielding machines get ever cheaper and more ubiquitous, inventors of anti-drone technologies are marketing every possible idea for protection from hovering eyes in the sky: Drone-spotting radar. Drone-snagging shotgun shells. Anti-drone lasers, falcons, even drone-downing drones. Now one group of Israeli researchers has developed a new technique for that drone-control arsenal—one that can […]


Astronomers Trace Fast Radio Burst to Extreme Cosmic Neighborhood

On Christmas Eve 2016, Andrew Seymour, an astronomer at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, kissed his 4-year-old daughter, Cora Lee, goodnight, telling her he was off to track Santa. He walked to the well-worn telescope, occasionally passing revelers riding horses through the empty streets—a common sight in Arecibo during the holidays. Sometimes a lonely […]

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