vivo NEX S and NEX A hands-on review

Introduction It’s rare to see a concept device go into mass production without losing its coolest feature. The vivo NEX does just that and it even comes in two versions, NEX S and NEX A, so you can have the bleeding edge or the more affordable alternative. The plan was simple – a bezel-less phone […]


In All Fairness, I Can’t Review Vampyr

Christopher13h ago ***You keep disparaging A.J. which isn’t fair.*** It absolutely is as it’s his work. I understand you two work together, but this is poorly written. — As to the two items you just brought up, guess where that info isn’t located? In the review. The parts I quoted, those were A.J.’s full explanation […]


Jurassic World Evolution Review (TSA)

TSA writes: “Steven Spielberg fundamentally changed the way the world thinks about dinosaurs over twenty-five years ago (not forgetting Michael Crichton’s significant contribution) and since then, what was lost in the distant past suddenly felt malleable, physical even. The plausibility of Jurassic Park’s science revitalised the notion of seeing dinosaurs, and today they’re probably in ruder fictional […]


Vampyr PC Review I Indian Noob

yemeth47|48m ago|Review|0| ▼ Info Add Alt Source Indian Noob reviews Dontnod Entertainment’s latest rpg, vampyr. “Are you willing to look past the bland combat and lack of polish in favor of atmosphere, a dialogue-heavy narrative and an organic moral compass, then Vampyr is the game for you. ” PC Vampyr Read Full Story >> […]

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