Moto E5 Play and Moto E5 Plus review

Motorola has long dominated the U.S. budget smartphone market. For years, virtually every publication has recommended the Moto E series to those on a tight budget. It’s easy to see why. Last year’s Moto E4 offered a passable experience for just $70. Now, Motorola is back with the E5 series, so settle in for our Moto […]


Bose Sleepbuds review

This article previously appeared on our sister site, If you’ve got tinnitus, getting to sleep never really gets easier with time. While we’d all like to envision ourselves as the protagonist of Baby Driver, those afflicted with tinnitus or a noisy sleep environment are generally tired wrecks during the day. That’s where the Bose Sleepbuds […]


OnePlus 6 camera review, camera samples, and analysis

In our OnePlus 6 review we described the  phone as a possible spiritual successor to the Nexus lineup, because it brings forth a premium experience at a hard-to-beat price. Nexus, and eventually Pixel devices evolved in features, specs, prices, and especially camera quality. Has the OnePlus 6 done the same? OnePlus cameras aren’t typically considered […]

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