Dbrain pitches a new token paying users crypto to train artificial intelligence

One of the continuing challenges that artificial intelligence programs face is how they receive and process the information they need to take actions. While the algorithmic tools that developers have harnessed to automate a dizzying number of different processes are incredibly good at processing information, these machine learning programs need to be taught what information […]


Over 700,000 users want Snapchat to roll-back its redesign update

Thomas White/Reuters 700,000+ people sign petition asking Snap to remove the new Snapchat update. Revamped Friends list, UI changes, and an ad-friendly Discover section have all been criticized. Snap says the update isn’t going anywhere and has warned users that attempting to unofficially roll-back the changes could result in locked accounts. Snapchat’s major redesign […]


Coincheck users are suing to get their money out of the hacked cryptocurrency exchange

The fallout from the year’s biggest cryptocurrency hack to date continues. On Monday, Reuters reported that 10 traders who used the Tokyo-based exchange Coincheck are preparing to file a lawsuit with Tokyo’s District Court on Thursday. The plaintiffs will be represented by Hiromu Mochizuki, who has been tweeting some updates about the case. During the aftermath […]

Apple News

MacUpdate served up Mac cryptominer to unsuspecting users in Firefox, OnyX, and Deeper downloads on Feb. 1

  By Mike Wuerthele Wednesday, February 07, 2018, 02:43 pm PT (05:43 pm ET) Download aggregator MacUpdate briefly linked to three malicious applications masquerading as legitimate downloads for Firefox, OnyX, and Deeper, that not only install the apps, but also deposit a cryptocurrency miner on downloader’s systems. At some point on Feb. 1, MacUpdate updated […]