Notch or no notch? [Poll of the Week]

Last week’s poll summary: Out of over 8,700 total votes, the messaging app used by 37.2% of Android Authority readers is WhatsApp, followed by Facebook Messenger with 17.4%. 15.5% of readers said they only use SMS, followed by Google Hangouts with 6.4%, Google Allo with 6%, and Telegram with 5.9%. When Apple makes a bold […]


This week in esports news: Teaming up for Fortnite and the girls showing how it’s done

Fortnite hasn’t got an esports scene yet, but that hasn’t prevented some teams forming up around the popular Battle Royale title. Other news this week includes a Canadian taking down stiff competition in StarCraft II, bagging $50,000 and the expansion of the Overwatch League to bring more teams to the league table. Canada brings home […]