5 Things That We Want Playstation 5 To Have

I_am_Batman1d ago

Correct me if I’m wrong but the support for external HDDs has been there for quite some time now. I haven’t tested it myself yet but I’m pretty sure it works fine.

I also heavily disagree about the controller paragraph. The PS4 controller is one of the best stock controllers of any console. It still has room for improvement but to say that Nintendo always had better controllers than Sony is just insane to me.

My most wanted features for PS5:

1. Backwards compatibility: Really hoping for this one. I always play a lot of my old games and my PS3 just broke for the 3rd time. Would be great if they can manage to have full Playstation compatibility with the PS5.

2. Freesync. Synchronisation of Framerate and TV refresh rate (Hopefully more TV manufacturers will implement this feature as well). Results in a stutterfree gaming expirience. Devs won’t need to lock games at 30fps.

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