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best mother's day apps for Android

Earlier this week we brought you 5 great Mother’s Day deals. Still haven’t picked up anything for the mother in your life? You better hurry. Mother’s Day arrives Sunday, May 13 2018 —  that’s less than a week now.

Many of you are going to opt for the traditional route of sending flowers and greeting cards. That’s all well and good, but this year why not get your mom something she will appreciate for months or even years to come? One of the best options for a Mother’s Day gift is to give her an easy-to-use gadget. Indeed, many tech companies are now offering Mother’s Day sales and price cuts.

Thankfully, technology has become more user friendly in the last few years, with better interfaces, more sophisticated features, and even voice recognition. Plenty don’t cost much. Let’s take a look at some of the best affordable Mother’s Day tech gift ideas available.

Amazon Echo-Amazon Echo Dot

Mother's Day tech gift guide - Echo


The leader in smart speakers at this point is Amazon, and the company has a bunch of different Echo speaker models to choose from. However, for Mother’s Day, you might want to pick from either the standard Echo model, or the smaller Echo Dot, as a gift. Both of them are currently on sale for the holiday at Amazon. Both smart speakers also use the company’s popular Alexa digital assistant.

The larger Amazon Echo is a tall cylinder with seven microphones and speakers all around, along with a Mute button on top of the device, and a circular dial that allows you to adjust the volume manually. Of course, the main point of the Echo is to use voice commands to ask questions like what today’s weather will be, purchase items on Amazon, and control other smart home devices. It can even stream music and audiobooks, among other things. More recently, Amazon added voice call support so users can call from one Echo speaker to another, or to a smartphone with the Alexa app installed. You can snap up the Amazon Echo now for $84.99, or $15 off its normal $99.99 price tag.


Mother's Day tech gift guide - Echo Dot


If your mother wants a smaller smart speaker, the Amazon Echo Dot may be a better choice. It can do everything its big brother can, but obviously it does not have the same audio quality from its smaller speakers. It’s also on sale for Mother’s Day for the price of $39.99, or $10 off its standard $49.99 price.


Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet

Mother's Day tech gift guide - Fire tablet


While the Android tablet business isn’t doing too well, Amazon still has some popular tablet devices for sale. The company is currently holding a Mother’s Day sale on all of their already very affordable models. Of the three tablets Amazon markets to adults, we would pick the Fire HD 8 as the best one to grab for Mother’s Day.


The tablet comes with an 8-inch display with 1,200 x 800 resolution, a 1.3GHz quad-core processor, 1.5GB of RAM, and 16GB of onboard storage. It also contains a microSD card to add even more storage, its battery is supposed to last up to 12 hours. It runs Amazon’s Fire OS, which is based on Android. It supports a lot of apps, but nowhere near the numbers available on a standard Android device. Recently, all of the Fire tablets added hands-free support for Amazon’s Alexa assistant.


You can get the Amazon Fire HD 8 with that storage configuration for just $59,99, $20 less than its normal $79.99 price tag. Bear in mind the price includes Amazon’s “special offers” which throw up ads on the tablet’s lock screen, but in practice they are not that annoying. 


Roku Streaming Stick PlusMother's Day tech gift guide - Roku

If your mother is a huge TV and movie fan, getting a streaming device is a must gift so she can binge watch to her heart’s content.


Our favorite of the many streaming sticks available comes is Roku’s Streaming Stick Plus. It includes the great Roku interface, which is easy for anyone to navigate, and access to almost all the major movie and TV streaming services, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Many of Roku channels also offer TV and movies for free, including Roku’s own channel. It can stream content at up to 4K resolution, and its included remote supports voice command as a quicker way to get to the shows and channels you want to watch. The Roku Streaming Stick Plus is available on Amazon now for $66.39, a bit less than its normal $69.99 price.



Mother's Day tech gift guide - Kindle


Your mother reading books more than watching TV. The perfect gift for her on Mother’s Day is a Kindle e-reader from Amazon. As with its other hardware products, Amazon is currently offering its Kindle devices at lower prices for the holiday.


The basic Kindle e-reader has a 6-inch screen that allows owners to read e-books in any light, even direct sunlight. Its battery is supposed to last for weeks at a time as well, and your mom can store thousands of books in the device. The Kindle e-reader also recently added support for downloading and playing audiobooks from Amazon’s subsidiary Audible. You can get the Kindle e-reader now from Amazon for $59,99, a $20 discount from its normal $79.99 price tag. The price comes with Amazon’s “special offers” ads on the Kindle lock screen, though.


Fitbit Alta HR

Mother's Day tech gift guide - Fitbit Alta

If your mother has expressed an interest in becoming more physically active, a fitness tracker might be a good Mother’s Day tech gift. However, there’s also no need to confuse her with a lot of other features she may not want or use. In that case, something like the Fitbit Alta HR could be a great gift for her.

This model is designed to be slim and easy to use Even though its very small, Fitbit still managed to squeeze in a heard rate monitor in the Alta HR. It can also do other more standard fitness wearable tasks like recording your walks or runs, keeping track of your sleep, and more. The battery life is also solid, with up to a week of use before you need to charge it again. You can get the Fitbit Alta HR from Amazon now for $119.99, which is $40 off its normal $149.99 price tag.


TaoTronics Car Phone Holder and Wireless Charger

Mother's Day tech gift guide - Car phone holder

Moms also love to drive, and many like to take their smartphones along with them. But what if they actually wanted to use the while on the road? In that case, your Mother’s Day gift might be a car phone holder. TaoTronics has one that doubles as a wireless charger.

This device can be placed on a windshield or dashboard, and allows the phone it holds to move 360 degrees so it can be used in both portrait or landscape mode. If your phone is a Qi-based wireless charging device, the TaoTronics phone holder can also charge it up while you are driving without having to connect the phone with a cord, which is handy. The TaoTronics phone car hold is on sale at Amazon now for $25.49, or $14.50 less than its normal $39.99 price.

Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Transmitter

Mother's Day tech gift guide - Bluetooth transmitter


If your mom doesn’t want to use her phone directly while driving, but still wants to listen to her favorite podcasts or take phone calls while driving, a Bluetooth receiver could be a great Mother’s Day gift. The Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Transmitter is both a great device and an afforable one.


The device allows for hands free calls from their smartphone while driving, as it connects via Bluetooth and transmits its audio through the car’s FM radio. It can also stream other audio from your phone, including music services and podcasts. The small dislay shows information like caller ID and song titles. The  Nulaxy Bluetooth Car Transmitter is a handy device, and a great gift at just $17.99 from Amazon



This is just a fraction of the great tech gifts you could give your mom for Mother’s Day this year. Do you have any other ideas that should be added to this list? Let us know in the comments!

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