Windows 10 build 17666 is now rolling out for Insiders with new features

Microsoft is today releasing a new Windows 10 Redstone 5 Insider Preview build that’s packing a whole bunch of new changes and features! Today’s build is 17666 and is jampacked with a whole bunch of new changes and features, including the long-awaited Cloud Clipboard!

What’s new in today’s build?

Windows Sets

  • Announced at Microsoft Build 2018, we’re excited to let you know that in addition to Windows line endings (CRLF), with today’s build Notepad now supports Unix/Linux line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings (CR)!
  • You can now highlight text, right click, and select “Search with Bing” to search Bing.

Start menu

  • You may have noticed the theme of feedback throughout today’s flight, and this announcement is no different. We understand that customizing your Windows experience is important to you – today we’re adding the ability to name your tile folders! To create a tile folder in Start, just drag one tile on top of another for a second then release. Continue dropping as many tiles into the folder as you’d like. When you expand the folder, you’ll see a new option to name it. The name will be visible when the folder is medium, wide, or large-sized. We appreciate everyone’s feedback requesting this!

There’s plenty more in this build too, so make sure you check out the Windows Blog for the entire changelog!

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