How to extend your Oculus Rift cables for about $20

How to extend your Oculus Rift cables for about $20

Whether you want to keep your gaming PC in a different room than where you use your Oculus Rift, or you just have a large space to cover for your room-scale VR activities, you might be looking to extend the cables on the headset and to the external sensors. Luckily, it’ll only cost you about $20 to get everything ordered for the headset, and about that much again to extend each sensor. Below I’ve laid out the best options so that you can get back to VR gaming without restrictions.

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How to extend the Oculus Rift headset

Your Oculus Rift needs two extensions, preferably both the same length to avoid coils and tangles. For an HDMI extension, this six-foot Monoprice cable should do the trick. It’s cheap (about $11.50), it’s built well, and it’s the cable Oculus has listed in its room-scale setup guide.

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As for the USB-A 3.0 extension, Monoprice again makes the cable that Oculus has listed. It measures in at six feet like the HDMI extension, it’s well-built, and it only costs about $6.75.

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How to extend Oculus Rift sensors

Extending your Rift sensors

Extra sensors purchased after the Oculus Rift ― in most cases the third and fourth alongside the two that ship with a Rift and Touch bundle ― should come with a 16-foot USB-A 2.0 extension cable, but what about the originals? Monoprice also seems to be the name to go with for long USB-A extension cables for the Rift’s external sensors. This 15-foot USB-A 3.0 option has a number of positive reviews from users who purchased it for the Oculus Rift, and it costs about $18.75.

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Your Rift setup

Have you extended the reach of your Rift’s cables? What were the underlying circumstances that made you go with this modification? Let us know in the comments section!

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