Pixar-style stealth horror game Hello Neighbor coming to Android

  • The 2017 stealth horror hit Hello Neighbor is launching on Android and iOS on July 27.
  • The game will feature all three acts, with the first being free and the other available as in-app purchases.
  • Beta signups are available now on the official Hello Neighbor forums.

Put on your running shoes and don’t look back, because Hello Neighbor is coming to Android and iOS on July 27.

For those unfamiliar with Hello Neighbor, it’s a stealth horror game with Pixar-style graphics. It takes place over three acts, and in the first the player is a child investigating his mysterious neighbor’s house. The neighbor exhibits all kinds of suspicious behavior, and has something locked in the basement of his enormous labyrinth of a house.

You have to sneak through the house and try to figure out what your creepy neighbor is up to. If he catches you, you’ll end up back in your house and have to start over. And he will catch you. Over and over.

Hello Neighbor also features procedural AI, so your potentially criminal neighbor will set up cameras and bear traps where you last entered the house. He also analyzes your movements and finds shortcuts to bear down on you even faster. This keeps gameplay exciting and tense, even as you attempt to break in for the thousandth time.

The mobile version of Hello Neighbor will have all three acts with the same graphics and gameplay optimized for mobile devices. The first act is free, with the remaining two available as in-app purchases.

hello neighbor mobile beta controls HelloNeighborGame

Producer Alex Nichiporchik also revealed the controls, which are still a work in progress. They are similar to any other first-person mobile game, with a virtual control pad and action buttons. Doors and other objects can be interacted with by simply tapping on them.

It’s going to be tough to adapt the hectic movement for the mobile version of Hello Neighbor, so developer Dynamic Pixels has its work cut out for it.

A limited beta for Hello Neighbor on Android and iOS is starting soon, which you can sign up for here.

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