Seriously, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Should Come to PlayStation 4

naruga32m ago(Edited 24m ago)

i dont understand how the damn Sony lost all its beloved characters that defined Playstation and couldnt include even one iconic character to the damn game …Crash B -absent , Solid Snake -absent , Cloud-absent ,Sephiroth absent , OG Dante absent, Chris -Jill absent….and the thing that annoyes me most is that at same time Nintendo secured with ease Solide Snake and Cloud for SMash Bros (two characters that someone can say they are unofficial Playstation mascots and wherever they appear just “shout” PS )

Also Sony from the included characters (Drake Kratos etcetc) could easily define that their secific games except the hyped sales had only minor appeal to PS audience (like myself) ….(from when the big Daddys -Bioshock are iconic playstation chars?????? facepalm*

if a PS Batlle royal 2 is to be made, Sony just get back what “rightfully belongs” to you and dont let others steal the food fromo your hands

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