Multiplayer Games Are the Future Due to Higher Profitability

gangsta_red10m ago

“…there is no difference between single and multiplayer.”

I somewhat agree, but if you make a successful MP game (like Fortnite) you are not only making that 3 mill in 3 days but now making that for years to come. You have a steady user base and a good constant stream of revenue and the costs for that MP now only focus on maintenance, updates, maps and the occasional big event but nothing super cost heavy as the initial heavy lifting done during development.

“Although the problem with multiplayer is that it is dependent on its player base to exist, whereas a single player game isn’t.”

I don’t really understand this notion especially when that is what makes a MP successful in the first place. Yes a SP game doesn’t have to worry about this but has it’s own problems too. Not being a recognizable IP, no media or marketing exposure, graphics or resolution not on par with other triple A games, releasing along side major titles all hurt SP games…and MP for that matter.

I think the point we can both agree on is SP and MP games both face the same challenges when trying to be successful.

What the author here and what the industry has said and proven though is that a successful MP game reaps more profit over the long term than a SP game.

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