Top 7 Most Popular RTS Games That You Can Play Right Now

zerocarnage3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

I dont know there are many more enjoyable rts games to play as well. There is halo wars for a start wlthough not sure it is playable on pc, should imagine it is.

C&C franchise-There is also one of the most enjoyable rts franchises with so many to try and it’s also the high def video story’s that make command and conquer worth playing, especially seeing the beautiful lady’s either as evil or good guys which is the added bonus in the C&C franchise..

Tom Clancy Endwars, only one was made and what a shame Ubisoft had a gem and I loved the game. Endwars had voice communication, as well as controller for units which was very responsive but the gameplay is where the game excelled. With rock scissors paper like combat and the ability to take your units and retreat before they got completely obliterated in perks death, made you think about the battle, after all you didn’t want to take a high level unit and keep fighting when there was no hope or someone dropped a nuke on your units. Also Endwars factions really set themselves apart, Endwars was ace from start to finish..

Lord of the rings- battle for middle earth (if not mistaken) similar to halo wars style where your base has points that you convert into buildings rather than just putting buildings where you want like C&C. Those hobbits are little pests on that game and very dangerous. The game itself is lovely looking.

Star trek armada 1&2- well what can I say this rts was wonderful with so many ships and lots of factions and plenty to do but the Borg says it all and it’s a shocker when you see there big holocube and how much screen space one of them takes up lol. Because the game is in space which is mostly black this game seems to handle maxed out jnits better than other rts games.

Universe at war- this was a real surprise for me, the game was crazy and a really good game as well as challenging, I forgot who the developers were but they did a splendid job I thought..

Supreme commander- this was the daddy for owning the most units I thought, the maps were big and you were pretty much free to put units where you wanted, freedom and max unit size were this games pro And was worth playing this game just to see how it the wars could get.

Hooligans- a very old rts game and exactly what your thinking it’s football and was one hell of a crazy game and everyone should give it ago just once even if you do it just to see the cheat active on the handgun units. Pull about a hundred out at a time and have them all use there special power which there saying was (shoot the bastards) now imagine that being said 100 times on a crappy pc which they were back 14 years ago around and the lag that was produced, I will just say that it was one experience and half and joke when you do it in a room full of people who are trying to learn and that starts happening.

There are many more but off the top of my head can not think.

It is however a real shame that at one point this genre was everywhere and now it’s dwindled and it’s rare you get to see an entry in this genre.

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